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Board Of Directors

Board Of Director

Mr. Nawaraj Pandey

Board Of Director

Mr. Rabin Dahal

Board Of Director

Mr. Shankar Shrestha

Board Of Director

Mr. Uttab Bhaukaji

Board Of Director

Mr. Santosh Mani Neupane


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Chairman's Message

FRONTLINE is committed to providing evidence-based, team-led healthcare by excellent clinical professionals. Thank you for your interest in FRONTLINE and urge to witness and observe the difference we bring together in the healthcare sector. Wish you all good health!

Mr. Nawaraj Pandey

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COO's Message

At Frontline Hospital, we are focused on building relationships through top-class infrastructure, the latest equipment, and a highly qualified and dedicated team of medical and support professionals

Mr. Suresh Kumar Manoharan

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Clinical President's Message

We envision leading urban healthcare by providing compassionate high-quality care for Nepal and South Asia. We will not stop there but pursue excellent clinical outcomes with continuous improvement of clinical practices.

Dr. Yogesh Neupane

News And Events

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Important Notice:

Why Choose Us?

Frontline Hospital being established as a medical institution is envisioned with the aim of providing evidence-based, team-led healthcare by excellent clinical professionals, dedicated to the rapid recovery of patients through the best medical infrastructure along with proper safety precautions.

A trusted medical service is more likely to rebuild trust among patients through which we share multiple positive responses influencing their willingness to get crucial medical care and experiences that have developed positive perceptions toward the care they receive.

The health industry has shifted to value-based care i.e. total care from the traditional pay-for-service model. Frontline assures that all the patient’s health needs are addressed and all issues are solved timely by professional doctors and nurses who provide one-on-one care to patients.

It is the experience and knowledge of the doctor that matters the most. Frontline Hospital has well-experienced, specialized doctors and their teams in the diagnosis of diseases and serving with the best medical counseling and practices that you have been seeking for.

Modern laboratory facilities in Frontline involve careful consideration of involving elements such as temperature and humidity control, air pressurization, sound and vibration, contamination control, ventilation, air quality, worker safety, and energy conservation. Trust us for reliable lab results.

Advancement in medical technology is enhancing the lifestyle of people through more efficient outcomes. Frontline Hospital has this advanced technology that is revolutionizing the healthcare system to become more proactive, personalized, and convenient than ever before through which we can doubtlessly provide you with healthcare.

Frontline hospital is servicing medical services that are continuously available (day & night) or involve other services that can run constantly without disruption or downtime. We ensure that patients are able to get their issues resolved no matter what day or time it is

Frontline Hospital comforts you with 24 hrs. radiology services through the best imaging technology to diagnose and treat disease. We provide you with the following branches of radiology:

2. BMD (Bone- Mineral Density)
3. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
4. TMT (Treadmill Test)
5. Digital X-RAY
6. USG (Ultrasonography)
7. Mammography
8. ECG

Technologically advanced modular operation theatre services improve the standards of our patients as our modular operation theatre equipment are highly sophisticated. Our modular operation theatre has:
1. Antibacterial paint and wallpapers for the walls
2. Neat and clean doors that ensure hygiene
3. High performance of the medical equipment
4. Magnetic doors that provide protection against any contamination
5. Certified medical equipment that offer a sense of reliability







Frontline Hospital

Frontline Hospital is a 200 bedded multispecialty hospital situated at the heart of Kathmandu providing world-class medical care at an affordable price.





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